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Papillon Haven Rescue
Adoption Guidelines

Papillon Haven Rescue takes the responsibility very seriously for matching each of our Papillons to the perfect forever home available. Our main concern and focus is on the Papillons in our care. Since we cannot know every applicant personally at the very start of the adoption process, we have set up guidelines to help us choose those applicants who are most likely to fill the needs of our Paps. Our application design provides the answers necessary for matching our Paps with the people that love them. 

We base our original decisions on the following factors: 
• All applicants must be over 21 years of age. 
• The applicant should be the person who will be the caring for the Papillon.
Pets do not make good surprises or gifts. 
• Most homes with children under the age of 6 years will not be considered for placement. We do not want to put any child in any danger of being bitten or the dog in danger of being hurt. 
• Most Papillons need companionship. Some of our Papillons may require another small dog as a companion. 
• Homes with large dogs will be considered on an individual basis. 
• All of our Papillons are spayed or neutered prior to adoption. 
• Papillon Puppies will not be available for adoption until after 5 months of age or when they have been safely spayed or neutered. 
• We require homes with fenced areas for most of our Papillons.   This is to keep the Papillon inside safe boundaries and large dogs or predators out. 

If your application meets our initial review… 

The application provides for a reference check with your veterinarian. You must notify your vet and give permission to release all information. 

The application calls for two personal references that are not related to you. We prefer people who have known you for a long time and are neighbors in your community. Please notify these people that we may be calling. We can only try to reach your references twice. After that, we e-mail you to notify you that your application is at a standstill, until we can complete the reference check. 

We require a visit to your home by a person representing our group. At this time, all people who live in the home should plan to attend. It is important for all family members to be interested in acquiring a family companion. 

The homes that have opened their doors to our Papillons as foster homes will help together with the Adoption Team Leader, to set the parameters necessary for the forever home of their charge.

The application process can take time. Often times, more than one applicant has applied for the same Papillon. If your application is not selected for a particular Pap, and you have been approved to adopt, then you may choose another of our fostered Paps or you may elect to wait until new ones come in. Sometimes things do go wrong in cyberspace. If you do not hear from us regarding what stage your application is in, please send a brief e-mail to

If you are working with another rescue group to adopt a Papillon, please let us know.  We want your choice to be the best match for your family. Please let us know quickly if your plans change. 

We appreciate your interest in our little forgotten butterflies and we appreciate your patience with our application process. 

This may seem like an excessively detailed, even invasive, questionnaire but please keep in mind that the more information we have about you, your household and your expectations of your rescued dog, the easier it will be to make a successful match. Finding the perfect match between adopter and dog is our most important goal.   All information is private and not for public use.

Adoption Fees: 
• 0 - 2 years = $425 
• 3 - 4 years = $375
• 5 - 7 years = $350 
• 8 - 9 years = $300

• 10 - ? years = $200 
• Pap mix - $200 - $300 
• Special needs - to be determined 

Based on age & health the adoption fee covers: 
• The charge to “pull” the dog from a shelter (most shelters charge approx. $90 - $125)
Vet expenses including: 
• Full health check-up 
• Spay/neuter (all our rescue Paps will be spayed and/or neutered PRIOR to adoption) • Vaccines including rabies 
• Heartworm test and treatment if needed 
• Heartworm preventative 
• Any other vet expenses such as a dental or hernia repair 
• Brucellosis test when needed 

Note:  The ADOPTION FEE  is to help defray expenses for ALL 
Papillons and/or Papillon mixes in our rescue program. 

By continuing to the adoption application, you are verifying that you have read the adoption guidelines.
Adoption Application (instant)

Thank you for helping save a rescued Papillon. 

The Papillons, Fosters, Members and Volunteers of 
Papillon Haven Rescue.