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About Papillons
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It is not unusual for Papillons, especially Papillon mixes, to be as much as 14" tall and 14 -15 lbs., though the norm for Papillons is generally 8-11 inches in height and weight 3-9 pounds. Papillons are typically parti-color (white with patches of any other color), including: black, black and tan, sable, red, lemon and liver. Occasionally Papillons can appear with very little white and then some may be almost all white.
The Papillon ears are its trademark - large, fringed, and shaped like butterfly wings. Both an erect-ear and drop-ear variety (known as the Phalene) can occur in this breed. And both varieties can occur in the same litter, sometimes resulting in dogs with one ear up and one down. Other distinguishing characteristics include a medium to long silky coat, and a tail (the plume) that curls over the back of the dog when happy or alert. Papillons are generally happy and responsive to humans, but can be very sensitive to stress. Stressful situations, such as shelter life, can bring about unusual behaviors including depression and withdrawal and even fear-biting.

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Some examples of different Papillon looks:

Sometimes Papillons will not look exactly like above photos because of neglect or bad conditions.

Papillon Haven Rescue (PapHaven) accepts all Papillons and Papillon mixes regardless of age, temperament or health. All of our rescues are placed into foster homes, fully vetted, and altered prior to placement. Applicants are carefully screened including reference and home checks prior to any placement. Please contact us if we can assist you with a Papillon in your care or if you know of a Papillon that needs rescue.