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Happy Tales

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even
touched - they must be felt with the heart."
-Hellen Keller

Gallery of Adopteds

Abby is doing great! She tends to be a mommy's girl and likes to sit in my lap when I ...(more)

Addison a.k.a Luna

It has been over a month since Addison (AKA Luna) walked into our home. She is such a wonderful ...(more)


We are having so much fun with Allee in our little family.

I can't thank you all enough for bringing her ...(more)

Ami a.k.a. Emmie

Way back in 2004, we adopted the most beautiful, sweet, and loving dog through PapHaven.

"Emmie" had been rescued hours before ...(more)

Andy (aka Charlie)

A kiss from Andy to everyone, especially those who helped him find his way to us. He adopted us two ...(more)

Annabelle Magnolia (aka Maggie)

Maggie came to PapHaven at two months. She was one of the first dogs rescued when PapHaven was formed. ...(more)


It is getting a little cold here – time for Annie to wear a sweater when going out.

She ...(more)

Baby a.k.a. Trixie

I thought I'd give you an update on Baby - now known as Trixie. (I adopted her in November ...(more)


Hello and Seasons Greetings from Katie Dover, Gracie (Lhasa Apso), Gus the cat and Bailey, the Papillon.

I have had ...(more)


Baird has been a wonderful addition to our furry family.

Since arriving he hasn't left my other dog - Kenzie's ...(more)


Bandet is a bit timid yet, but he is doing well. He has already found a favorite chair, and ...(more)

Bassy a.k.a. Sebastian

Sebastian (aka Bassy) came to me 10 months ago with his sister to foster. His sister moved to Maine.

He ...(more)


Beacher and Mikayla (the 13 year old) are practically joined at the hip. It is velcro boy meet velcro ...(more)

Beau a.k.a. Julian

The only time the little guy’s tail stops wagging is when he’s sleeping. Which he’s doing right now on his ...(more)

Bella Rae aka Nora

Bella Rae (aka Nora) is a jewel. She has her hair back and man does she have hair.

She ...(more)


About 4 weeks ago, I awakened before my husband and got dressed, filled my coffee cup and was enjoying the ...(more)

Betty a.k.a. Peanut

Our little girl, Peanut, as you well know, has adjusted to her home and all her kin folk very nicely. I ...(more)


Dear Jan, Just wanted to let you know how well Bitsy is doing. ...(more)


We got home late last night. Blu was a great traveler! He is real attached to my Godchild, ...(more)

Bobby a.k.a. Patch

Hi my name is Patch, it used to be Bobby, or something like that before, but I like Patch much ...(more)


This is Bo-Jangles, the happy Papillon adopted from Pap Haven Rescue 4.5 years ago, and his sister Lola, who is ...(more)

Bonita a.k.a. Bonnie

AT LAST! I have my "forever" home. I have been looking so long for someone who would love me and ...(more)

Brandy a.k.a BrandySue

Thought you might like some photos of Brandy in her new home with us. The first pic Brandy is lying on ...(more)


A story about Brie would have to begin with the picture of her peering through the chain link fence with ...(more)


This is Butter. I have taken complete control of my new forever home. My master plan is working to perfection. I ...(more)

Cammie a.k.a. Camille & Callie a.k.a. Pokie

Cammie (Camille ) and Callie (Pokie) have been a part of our family for just under 2 months. They ...(more)


I just wanted to let you know how well Carter is doing. I have to tell you what a good ...(more)

Cassie Jones (aka Cascade)

"Cassie Jones, you better watch your speed!"

Immensely affectionate, ever-watchful, fast as lightning ... the beautiful Cassie Jones has her own ...(more)

Chance a.k.a. Chauncey

I wanted to take a minute and thank you and everyone that contributes to the Paphaven organization. I know that ...(more)

Chance a.k.a. Dylan

Chance, AKA Dylan came to his forever home about seven weeks ago. In a matter of days, Chance fit ...(more)


Today (1/25/2005) is my 40th birthday. I want to thank you two ladies for the best gift anyone could give ...(more)

Chessie a.k.a. Chester

I recently 'adopted' a foster dog that came to me 2 years ago. His name is Chester/Chesty...I just call ...(more)

Chloe a.k.a. Natti

It has been almost 3 months since we adopted Chloe/Natti. She is a happy dog, and she is still ...(more)

CK a.k.a. Clark Kent

PapHaven alum CK went to his first big event with us last week. People, kids, dogs, and loud music. He ...(more)


Corey getting loves from my Granddaughter. He is just perfect... He slept with us on my bed ... Him and ...(more)


Cosmo is doing great! He made up with my Dad, Larry, the first evening (Friday). He just went into ...(more)

Crystal & Noel

Hey everyone! Here's an update from PA.
We found a really great Mom! But she's a foster failure. When Daisy came ...(more)

Crystal, Noel & Daisy

Dear Auntie Pam and Miss Sharan: It's me Crystal!
Just a note to say hello and let you see how nice ...(more)

Dakota a.k.a Mr. Pluto

Just wanted to let you know that Dakota (Pluto) is doing great! He's a wonderful dog and he's my best ...(more)


Here is 'Deniro' with his new brothers and Papa at his first outing to Petco. He is the one on ...(more)

Diamonds in the Rough

For approximately a year I have been searching for two little 5 lb. dogs to add to my animal family. ...(more)

Domino a.k.a. Dominick

Just want to send you an update on Dominick (now Domino), whom we adopted from Paphaven years ago but still ...(more)


Dyson came to us as a foster dog, a sick little guy with severe allergies. While with his previous owners, ...(more)


Echo came to me from PapHaven in December, 2014. To say it was a perfect match is an understatement. Here ...(more)


Filet here! I wanted to let you know that I am doing ok, and adjusting to my new home. ...(more)

Freckles a.k.a. Dolly

Freckles (now know as Dolly) was rescued from a shelter after being found running the streets. They called my ...(more)

Gambit a.k.a. Chou Chou

Chouchou and I are doing just great! We still go on our regular walks and we are together most ...(more)

Gentry a.k.a. Gizmo

Gentry's name is now Gizmo (nicknamed MoMo). He was adopted by the Robinson family in Lewiston, Idaho. Jesse ...(more)


Boy did I hit the jackpot! I found my new forever home and my mommy is a real pushover. ...(more)

Gracie a.k.a. Daisy Mae

Gracie adopted us within a month of coming home with us from her foster mom. It took her a ...(more)


Sunday, Gus stayed in his cage practical all day. I had to coax Gus out with his food. On Monday, ...(more)


Hi Paphaven friends, Guy here. Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and let you know ...(more)

Hallett a.k.a. Jerr

Hallett, formerly Jerry, had a great checkup with his vet. He is a lovely dog and a beautiful ...(more)

Happee Cooper

When Coop arrived at his new home, he ran into the house, all the dogs sniffed him, and he sniffed ...(more)


Hello...Heather is doing GREAT. We went out with the camper for Memorial Weekend and she was a pro. ...(more)


Hi All! Henry here! I am very happy to report that my new Mommy and Daddy are the bestest ...(more)


I feel very fortunate that I was able to adopt Hunni.

I got her when she was 11 months, and she’ll ...(more)

Huxx a.k.a Chris

We met one year ago today. I dreamed up the perfect pap for me, and there he was, made to ...(more)

Ichabod a.k.a. Gizzy

Hi Paphaven Friends! I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and to let everyone know that I'm ...(more)


I just wanted to write to let you know how everything is going after the first week of having Isabelle ...(more)


Our precious 10 year old Ivy has found her forever home. This special lady had spent her whole life in ...(more)


Jack's a Happy Pappy
I just wanted to let you know that Jack is an absolute dream dog. He ...(more)

Jack a.k.a. Mac Magic

Thank you so much for giving us Jack, AKA "Mac Magic". He has started learning how to do agility ...(more)


Just wanted to give an update on how Jake is doing. Well, he is just about done with obedience class, ...(more)


Hi there, My name is Jasper. I want everyone to know I'm all settled in my new forever home now. ...(more)

Joey a.k.a. Conan

Thought you'd like to see how Joey (the Barbarian formerly known as Conan) is faring with me and my New ...(more)

Josie a.k.a. Felicity

I just wanted to let you know how very much in love I am with this little girl! She is ...(more)

Jumping Jack Flash

Hi, I'm getting settled into my forever home, and this is a really "cool" place. (Mom and Dad say that's ...(more)


We arrived back in Arizona last night. Koby was a good traveler and never made a peep on the whole flight. Koby ...(more)


Hi PapHaven! It was just a bit over a year ago that you pulled Lenny out of a shelter and handed the little man hater over ...(more)


Lexie is doing great and is settling in here just fine. For the first couple of days after Judy ...(more)

Libby (aka Jewel)

In Libby's words:
I am so grateful to PapHaven for taking me in and giving me a second chance for a ...(more)

Lillie (formerly Millie)

I just wanted to give you an update on Lillie. She is doing really well. She loves being on our ...(more)


We met the gallant Larry about midnight and Lojac was given custody of us. What a remarkable man Larry is! ...(more)

Lola a.k.a. Lotus

She is doing really good. I was finally able to trim up her very grinchy feet and trim toenails without ...(more)


Just wanted to touch base and let you know how very much I love little Louie. He is the ...(more)

Lucy a.k.a. Mattie

Thought I'd update you on Lucy, aka Mattie. Lucy has turned out to be a superior watch dog who follows ...(more)

Maggie a.k.a Maureen

Yesterday was spa day for Maggie & Bella!! They look so beautiful!! They went outside to play & show the ...(more)

Major Woodrow a.k.a Bran

Bran now Major Woodrow came to PapHaven when we received his pregnant mother. He is now in a home ...(more)

Maximillian a.k.a. Clouseau

Well it's been approx 3 years since Marty and I adopted Maxie and I wanted to update you. He ...(more)


Well its Mazie here, I wanted to say hi to all my brothers n sisters that were rescued with me, ...(more)


Hello! How is everyone? My mom and I haven't heard from you all in awhile, but we talk about you ...(more)

Mickey a.k.a. Filbert

I rescued little Mickey (Filbert) at the beginning of October. He has a few space issues but he is so ...(more)

Millie AKA Lillie

I WANT TO TELL YOU ALLABOUT MY NEW LIFE: On my first day I had to take an 8 hour ...(more)


Milo is doing great for only being with us for two months.He still is timid but is coming out of ...(more)

Missy Ann a.k.a. Annie

Just wanted to let you see how happy our "Annie" is in her new home. We love her and even ...(more)


We adopted Missylou through the Pap Haven website in March of this year. We lost a papillion in September ...(more)

Molly a.k.a. Merry

Merry (now Molly) became a California girl a few months ago. She had a problem when she got out ...(more)

Monty a.k.a. Montague

Hi, I just wanted to send you an update on my Papillon, Montague, who I adopted from you this past ...(more)


My mom went away. I heard someone say she had to go to a nursing home. I don?t ...(more)

Muffin a.k.a. Mufin

In January of 2012 I decided that I would like to get another papillon. I already had a papillon, my ...(more)


I don?t have much of a story to tell. Nothing much ever happened in my life until two weeks ago. ...(more)


One afternoon in early Spring Mom was home from work early. The local shelter called and said they had just ...(more)

Nikki a.k.a. Sable

I just wanted to give you a brief update on Nikki. He's doing great, couldn't be any better for ...(more)


Hello everyone! It's Noel! I made it from Idaho to Pennsylvania to find my forever home! The plane ...(more)


Howdy- Okie here- I just have to tell everyone how happy I am to be in ...(more)

Olaf (aka Mr. Fox)

It's been two weeks now since I picked up Olaf, and what a difference those two weeks have made. ...(more)

Oliver a.k.a Bishop

Wow - can you believe it's been six whole weeks since Oliver arrived? The time has just flown by! I ...(more)


Hi ya all! It is Olivia here,my mom calls me O for short. I am luvin Kentucky and think I ...(more)

Peachy (aka Plumblossom)

We have all fallen in love with Plumblossom (Peachy) since we adopted her!

She is just a perfect addition to the ...(more)


We were the lucky couple who was able to adopt Pippin in March and I just wanted to tell you ...(more)


I just returned from Texas and delivering Poppy to her forever family. Gerald and Barbara Taylor drove up ...(more)


We have had Poppy for almost two months now. When we first got her she was so scared and shy. ...(more)


I just wanted to let you know that I'm doing fine. I like my new home and the humans I'm ...(more)

Remi a.k.a. Gary

Thank you pap haven for our wonderful little guy Remi (formally Gary from CA). He has grown leaps and bounds ...(more)

Rex (aka Mannix)

Rex is a quirky little thing with lots of energy! He barks at my husband in low light, but my ...(more)

Rosco a.k.a. Marko

I got Rocky Aug 2007 at which time he was about four . He continues to enjoy his ...(more)


Pap Haven's Ruby has now been a member of our family for a week. We received her from the transport ...(more)


Hey Guys - I just wanted to thank you all so much for getting Rylee to us. He ...(more)

Shadrach a.k.a. Ashton

We have had Shadrach (Ashton) since last April and I can't express to you all how much we love him! ...(more)

Shannon a.k.a. Paisley

Following is an update on Paisley (formerly Sophie, then Shannon while at PapHaven). She is named after my favorite musical ...(more)

Sis & Tipper 2

Our new forever parents met our foster mom at the vet's office. They had a cocker who was very ...(more)


My name is Skyler. My foster family loves me a lot and part of the reason they adopted me ...(more)

Sly a.k.a. Patmos

We are so happy to be the new parents of Sly! We have renamed him Patmos, after the ...(more)


HI! My name is Sooner. I'm a talker, so I'll tell you my tail. I weigh 12 & 1/2 ...(more)


Hi Paphaven, I just wanted to say "hello" and give you an update on Sparky. It's been about a year and ...(more)

Stella a.k.a. Stellanne

We adopted our Stella (Stellanne) about 2-1/2 years ago as an extremely traumatized puppy mill girl who was rescued suffering ...(more)

SweetPea a.k.a. Minnie Mouse

One year ago tonight (around 7 P.M.) I met a PapHaven member to pick up my little sweetheart; who came ...(more)

Tank and Trooper

I just wanted to give you an update and to thank you again for our wonderful fur-boys! We love ...(more)

Tommy Lee

We picked up Tommy Lee in June. He was our foster because his Mama had to go into a nursing ...(more)


Trinket loves having an enclosed area where she can play outside without the fear of creatures from the woods or ...(more)

Tristan and Norman

I thought you'd enjoy some photos of the boys on Christmas Day. They're still enjoying walks even though it's very ...(more)

Tucker a.k.a. Dolce

Tim & Mary Austin are happy to announce the arrival of our new baby boy DOLCE! 8 pounds., 2 year old, ...(more)

Turbo (aka Basil)

On Hidden Trail, here's Turbo (aka Basil) for your viewing pleasure! ;-)

He was rescued in Phoenix on January 2011, ...(more)


I just want to say thanks to you and the all the crew for all the hard work coordination ...(more)


I can't say enough how much my little Papillon makes me smile! I had no idea Wade was a ...(more)


I went to Syracuse New York on Jan 18, 2016 to pick up Zipper, who turned out to be a ...(more)


I am so proud of my girls! The gradual behavioral conditioning paid off. On Mon. both Jim & I had ...(more)